Volunteers are the Heart of the Peace Center

 Come visit, call 505 268-9557 or email Council@abqpeaceandjustice.org

Working Committees

We invite you to join us!

Building & Maintenance: Andreas, Bob, Don Meaders, Peter, Dar

Membership Data: Jeanne, Josh

Coordinating Desk Volunteers: Nancy Harmon 

Booking Events at Peace Hall: Josh (events@abqpeaceandjustice.org)

Digital Events Calendar: Josh, Michelle Meaders

Website: Andreas, Derek

Fundraising: Jeanne, Andreas, Janet, Mollie, Robin Seydel, Hildegard, Lara Dale

Grants: Donna Roxey, Renee, Andreas 

Finances: Jeanne, Bob, Nancy Henderson, David Drezner

Tabling at events: Jeanne, Bob, Andreas, Rebecca, Natalie, Hildegard, Nancy Henderson

Policies & Procedures: Bob, Don, Larry K.

Legal: Bob, Jeanne, Larry K., Pia G., Alan 

Social Media: 

Facebook: Jeanne, Ilse, Danny, Laurie  

Instagram: Laurie     

Bylaws: Bob, Larry, Alan, Andreas, Peter Neils, Rosemary Blanchard

Loan/D.S: Jeanne, Bob, Larry, Pia G., Alan, Nancy Harmon

Fiscal Sponsorship: Andreas, Jeanne

Outreach: Jonn, Donna Detweiler, Suzanne Ziglar