To book events at the Peace Center, email; or just download the Peace Hall Use Form as a .pdf or .docx file to edit/fill out and then send that saved form to

Regularly Scheduled Events at the Peace Center

Saturdays - Free Food Distribution - Open to all

9:00am - until all food is distributed, typically 9:45am (times will vary depending on deliveries & quantity of food received on the day). 

This is a free service with no paperwork needed. It is a first come first serve line that is formed outside. Bring your own box/bag. Please do not take items from the tables until you are notified the line is open. Volunteers will let you know how many items you are able to take from each table once we’ve started. You are allowed to go through the line as many times as you need. If a person comes who hasn't been through they will be placed in front of those that already have. If you drive, please do not park in the Center’s parking lot - it is for volunteers only during Food Distribution. Please be patient and kind to each other & the volunteers. 

Thank you! 

Food Distribution Team

Mat/Chair Yoga

Wednesdays & Saturdays 

 1:30pm - 2:45pm

Peace Cafe 

You are invited to join us!


10am to 3pm

Stop the War Machine meets the second Wednesday of each month, 6pm at the Peace Center. Contact: 505-268-9557

The Andi Leadership Institute for Young Women is excited to announce that it will hold its fifth in-person program in Washington, D.C. in August 2024!

     The theme for ALI’s 2024 program is Understanding the Other: A Path to Healing & Reconciliation. As global conflicts and domestic divisions fester, there is no better time to learn how to heal yourself, reconcile with others, and speak truth to power.

     The Institute seeks eight motivated American women, ages 18-27, from a diversity of backgrounds.  Each must have a demonstrated interest in peacebuilding, conflict transformation, and leadership. 

     The 2024 ALI program will take place from August 10-17 in Washington, D.C. Housing will be included. For more information on program specifics, contact

     All applications are due by May 26, 2024. APPLICATION FORM HERE:

The governor is responsible for setting university policy for such things as investments, military research and campus police harassing the solidarity encampment. Tell the governor to divest the university and state from Israeli companies and the war research done here that is carrying out the genocide against Palestine. Contact the Governor - Phone (505) 476-2200, or

Send emails & phone calls to UNM Regents: Phone: (505) 277-7639 Email:

"Dear UNM Board of Regents,

As a (student/alumni/faculty/staff/community) member of the University of New Mexico I am urging that you support the demands presented by the UNM Solidarity Palestinian Encampment. We recognize UNM's direct connections to genocide and apartheid through its investments and relationships with various corporations, institutions and other entities and we demand immediate change. We are UNM and we will not allow our money to be used for death and destruction.

Further, I condemn the brutalization of students expressing their first amendment rights, and demand the charges be dropped against all those arrested the morning of April 30th, 2024. You can ignore the calls for justice and brutalize students with riot police, but you cannot stop the tides of change.  

Once again, I urge you to support the demands linked below. Encampments will continue until demands are met!

Thank you."

     Folks who would like to support these UNM activists, and any other activists that may need help in the future, have a way to do this. Donations can be made to the Activist Fund via Paypal at the ABQ Center for Peace and Justice website: Or folks can bring or mail a donation to the Peace Center at 202 Harvard SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106. 

If you are mailing a check for the activist fund, please make the check out to the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice and put "activist fund" in the note line.

If you are bringing your donation, remember to call 505-268-9557 first so you can be sure someone is there to receive your donation and write you a receipt.  If you get no answer, feel free to call 505-401-4808.

Please note that if you want your donation to go to the Activist Fund you need to make a note on the note line or on Paypal that says "activist fund".

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