Celebrating the Life of

Dorie Bunting

Wednesday September 27, 2023          3:00-6:00 PM

National Hispanic Cultural Center, in the Salon Ortega

Join us in celebrating the life and work of Dorie Bunting with a Memorial service in the Quaker tradition.  Afterwards please join family and friends for a potluck dinner on the patio just outside the Salon Ortega.  Please bring something you enjoy eating

For more info please contact: Meredith at 505-243-3385; or Robin at 505-205-0213

¡Dorie presente!

P&J is frequently open Monday - Friday 9am to 1pm. 

Please call ahead to confirm there is a volunteer at the front desk.

(505) 268-9557

202 Harvard Drive SE, Albuquerque NM 87106 

To schedule an event or book the Peace Hall:  peacejusticeabq@gmail.com

Council:  board@abqpeaceandjustice.org

Our next Coordinating Council meeting is Thursday October 19th, 6 - 8pm, 

 The meeting is open to everyone :)

Come in person or via Zoom, Link will be posted on October 19th.

About Us 

The Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice strives to create a world where our collective needs are met sustainably and nonviolently.

We value the interconnectedness of all life. We emphasize cooperation and respect for diversity. We are committed to nonviolent conflict resolution, working for peace within ourselves, our community, and our world.

We provide space for organizations and individuals working on peace and justice issues to network with one another, share information, and learn from each others' work. Through our programs and collaborations, we work locally to support regional and global justice.

Connect with us! Board@abqpeaceandjustice.org

Coordinating Council Members

 Ilse Biel (Secretary) ilsebiel@icloud.com,  Jeanne Pahls (Treasurer) jeannepahls@comcast.net

Cecilia Chávez Beltrán cecilia.chavez.beltran@gmail.com,

Danny Hernández globalchicano@gmail.com, Don Meaders woodbutcher@earthlink.net

Bob Anderson citizen@comcast.net, Aidan Hendrickson aidhendrickson@gmail.com,  

Andreas Archuleta (Chair) Andreas.archuleta@gmail.com

On FaceBook:

Magic is happening!!  

Thanks to you all the plumbing project is moving forward.  As you can see, happy and knowledgeable workers are making sure things get well done.  

We are so thrilled to say that events and gatherings will start again at P&J.

See you soon!

Onward! Sept 15th, 2023