Mission Statement

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The Center, as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation, is grounded in acknowledging the interconnectedness of all things as we strive to create a world where our collective needs are met sustainably and nonviolently, and to build a multicultural organization to work for peace within ourselves, our community and our world. We are committed to peaceful conflict resolution through discussion or mediation. We implement events and projects to involve the public in creating a just and peaceful society. Specifically, the purposes of the Center are:


2.1  To provide a center for the collection and exchange of educational program resources, printed and filmed materials, and other information relating to peace and justice;


2.2  To provide a means of communication between those people and groups who are working together toward the goal of peace and justice;


2.3  To provide a forum for discussion and dialogue between groups and individuals with opposing positions;


2.4  To serve as a clearing house for programs, activities and services of the various members, individuals, groups and organizations involved;


2.5  To relate to national and international programs and events relevant to the Center;


2.6  To offer alternatives to surveillance and the proliferation and use of weapons, and ways of maintaining peace;

2.7  To offer alternatives to militarization and policing of schools as a means of education;


2.8  To maintain racial justice as a core value and a goal of all activities and programs.


2.9  To be a presence and a witness in the community with an identity and an agenda of peace.